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Our kit packs can be used in a 'pick and mix' form to create a bike to your specifications.


With our road legal ready kits, all the wiring and cable routing will have been fitted, as well as the road legal wheels built up to your specifications,

The brake callipers will have been fitted, Blaxstar (Cycle analyst) computer system calibrated to your required settings, Patterson cranks (if ordered) installed. 

So Its really a case of using our easy to follow and comprehensive instructions, with pictures and not in Chinese and putting it all together much in the

same way you would a normal bike.


The reason for this, is not because we are lazy, but that in order for your bike to pass the vosa test as a 'one off' vehicle, it is a requirement to have

assembled the majority of the bike yourself. Please don’t let this put you off, it requires minimal tools and skills, remember we are always on hand to help.


Once your bike has passed the vosa test, it is likely to increase in value, as it will now be registered as a vehicle on the national data base and if you

ever feel like selling it (we don’t think you will) can then be sold with a log book in the same way as any other vehicle. It can also be sold to any other country

in the EU, as the UK testing standards are recognised throughout the European community.

Blaxstar project coming soon

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